Friday, September 27, 2013, 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

PSCFA Warm Up at El Camino
The PLNU Debate team and members of the COM 231 Argumentation and Debate class competed in the first tournament on our schedule this past Friday, September 27, 2013.

Four of our five Senior level teams earned the Excellence Award, and our fifth senior team missed that distinction by just one ballot.  It should be noted that two of those debaters earning Excellence Awards are freshmen that have been elevated to the top division, based on the experience of their partners. 

Senior Division teams receiving awards were:

Stephanie Haas and Nick Kjeldgaard
Christopher Danks and Caleb Moore
Kayla Cook and Kasey Graves
Joshua Gilbert and Brandon West

And one of our Rookie teams,  both on the team and from the class, performing at their first ever tournament was also presented the Award of Excellence.  That team was:

Jordan Hill and Lauren Jacobs.

Our next tournament will be the Aztec Invitational at San Diego State University on Saturday October 12th and Sunday October 13th.  That will be the first chance for our individual events speakers and Lincoln Douglas debaters to compete in those events.

By the way, the Lincoln Douglas debate topic area is in educational reform, so please let us know of any valuable books you would recommend, or links to great articles, especially on the assessment of teachers, students and core curriculum, which will be the narrowed area for novices. That does not seem so narrow to me.

Special thanks to the judges and coaches that worked with the team this past few weeks to help prepare them for this event and others to come.