Seminar by the Sea - Examining Ephesians

Monday, August 2, 2010, 7:00 am - Thursday, August 5, 2010, 2:00 pm
PLNU Point Loma Campus


Mobilizing Your Church for Real Life Ministry

Join our dynamic team of presenters as they discuss two sides of Ephesians; an interpretation of the text and the practical implication for today.

Dr. Reuben Welch, renowned Bible professor and former chaplain at PLNU (1968 - 1983), will provide an expository study and detailed interpretation of Ephesians. This “unpacking of the text” will give special attention to Ephesians 4 and the equipping ministry of pastor-leaders.


Joe Cavanaugh, President of Ephesians 4 Leadership, has been a mobilizer and and trainer of individuals for gifts-based ministry and leadership for the past nine years. He has provided strengths consultation services for the house-church movement, mid-sized church, as well as mega-sized congregations through Gallup’s Faith Practice.

Joe will provide a look at the practices of Ephesians, with an emphasis on the implementation and implications of equipping people for ministry. Themes include:

  • Relational discipleship
  • Diversity of strengths in the “body”
  • Ministry multiplication
  • Strengths and ministry effectiveness

Join us for this examination of Ephesians, and walk away with a deeper understanding of the scriptures, and the skills needed to mobilize strengths-based ministry within your congregation.



Register before July 26 - $79/person

From Jul 26 - August 2 - $99/person

Suggested Reading:

The following are textbooks assigned to the Master of Ministry students attending this course for credit. However, seminar participants have informed us they too find the assigned texts helpful in gleaning more information from each course. Happy reading!

  • The book of Ephesians
  • Hirsch, Alan.  The Forgotten Ways:  Reactivating the Missional Church.  Grand Rapids:  Brazos Press 2006.
  • Senge, Peter M.  The Fifth Discipline:  The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization.  New York Doubleday, 1990, 2006.

Seminars by the Sea are continuing education opportunities for pastors and church leaders to escape for several days of knowledge and skill development. Seminars can also be counted as units towards PLNU's Master of Ministry degree program.