Friday, October 2, 1998 (All day) - Sunday, October 4, 1998 (All day)
Salt Lake City, Utah

Just a quick note to let you know how the Speech and Debate Team did at their first regular tournament, not counting the Alaska Round Robin which only allowed one team to compete for each of the ten schools present. The tournament was hosted by Weber State University in Ogden Utah, just outside of Salt Lake City. We only took 8 members of our team.

As an overview, allow me to ask other Professors for a little understanding and leniency should any of these students not be at their most alert. You would not belive the atrocious schedule we were forced to endure. While many tournaments start early in the morning and run late into the day/night for 2-3 days each, this tournament's schedule was horrendous. The pre published schedule looked fine. Once the tournament started though it was so badly mismanaged that it ran later, and later, and later.

On Friday they kept the debaters speaking until after 12:30 in the morning. They were then awake by 6:00 a.m. to get back to the campus for the morning rounds beginning at 8:00 and they competed through till 4:00 a.m. the next morning! I was and am still furious, and offered each student the opportunity to quit and leave at any time they felt like it, but to a person they each said they had fought too hard to quit then and asked for a chance to keep debating their way through the elimination bracket. By closing out debate (having two teams from the same school in

You would have been proud of how well our students did in the face of such adversity. Out of 17 colleges and universities competing from 8 or more states, Point Loma Nazarene University won First Place Sweepstakes Honors for the entire tournament, and First Place for overall Individual Events programs. We took three Open Division Parliamentary Debate teams and all three cleared to the elimination rounds, where they went undefeated. Therefor the teams of Deanna Feyerabend and Jason Anderson, Tre' Huxley and Katie Angliss, and David Graham and Jenni Burgess all tied for First Place in debate.

In Individual Events our students won the following awards.

Jason Anderson: Extemp 7th Place, Impromptu Semi Finalist

Katie Angliss: Impromptu 3rd Place, Poetry 1st Place, Duo Interp 4th place, Programmed Oral Interp 4th place.

Nathan Brisby: After Dinner Speaking 1st Place, Prose 1st Place, Poetry 6th Place.

Jenni Burgess: Impromptu 2nd Place, Extemp 2nd Place, Debate 2nd Speaker

Deanna Feyerabend: Informative - 3rd Place,

David Graham: Extemp 6th Place, Impromptu 5th Place, Debate 4th Speaker

Tre' Huxley: Extemp Semi Finalist, Debate Top Speaker

Kanaan Prose 2nd Place, Programmed Oral Interp 2nd Place, Poetry 2nd Place, Duo Interp 4th Place.

Please congratulate these students if you have them in your classes. To their credit their biggest concern was the homework that they were trying to get to but never had an opportunity to complete. Know too, that most tournaments are not like this. This is the worst such abuse I have ever witnessed in over twenty years in the activity. We will never return to this tournament and will push hard for reforms in the overseeing organizations that will prevent this from happening again. Sorry for the length of this message, but some of the students asked me to pass on the details to you. They probably suspect no one would believe it. I'm still not sure I do.