Food Services

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Do you have a passion for food? If you can see yourself running a restaurant, working in the food service arena, studying nutrition, or being involved in a food-related business, major in nutrition and food!


PLNU offers a major in nutrition and food with a concentration in food service management. You'll take courses in catering, nutrition, economics, chemistry, marketing, food production and safety, management, and communication.

A major advantage to the program is both the depth of knowledge gained in relationship to food service management and the breadth of knowledge developed in business generally.

Special Features

  • Small class sizes and personal attention
  • Internships
  • Supportive atmosphere
  • Strong business component

Career Opportunities
With a degree in nutrition and food with a concentration in food service management, you will have the option to work in many different environments. You might work as a trainer or counselor at a fitness, health or athletic training facility. You might work in a hospital or school. Or you might choose a cafeteria, restaurant, catering agency, or even a research lab. You might opt to work as a food critic or foods section writer for a newspaper or magazine. If you pursue advanced education, you could work in academia, research settings, or as a dietician.