Fermanian School of Business

Are you a leader? When faced with problems, do people look to you for solutions? Do you like being in charge of projects or tasks? You may just have what it takes to be a successful manager.

Managers are responsible for achieving organizational objectives by coordinating money, materials, machines, and most important of all, the efforts of people. Managers set objectives, establish policies, plan, organize, direct, communicate, and make decisions. Since their principal concern is solving problems, managers are continually defining problems and seeking solutions. To be an effective manager, you'll need a broad knowledge of management, business, the economy, and the human behavior.


PLNU offers a concentration in management for business administration majors and the industrial-organizational psychology major, which consolidates the business and psychology departments and focuses on the interpersonal side of business. The primary goal of the major is to equip students with the intellectual and professional tools needed to assume responsible positions in business, industry, education and social service organizations. Specific goals include basic understandings of the following:

  • Effective management of people, resources, tools, time and money
  • Psychological realities of managing people
  • Foundational knowledge for preparation for further field study

Special Features

  • High-tech, state-of-the-art Fermanian School of Business
  • MBA program
  • Extensive database of potential employers and internships throughout San Diego County and across the country
  • Networking opportunities

Career Opportunities

  • Operations managers
  • Sales managers
  • Financial managers
  • Merchandising managers
  • Management analysts
  • Corporate planners
  • Human resources managers
  • Small business operations