Media and Film

Department of Communication and Theatre

Do you have a passion for film or other media? Do you dream of being involved in the production process? Consider a major in media communications!


PLNU offers four concentrations with its media communications major: multimedia, performance, production, and film studies. The multimedia concentration focuses on technology and the aspects of computer and graphic design. The performance concentration focuses on radio and television and includes the aspects of voice work and diction, acting, debate, and public speaking. The production concentration focuses on both television and radio production and includes aspects of stage design and lighting, stage techniques, television news, and studio production. The film studies concentration requires prerequisite acceptance to the Los Angeles Film Studies program. It focuses on Hollywood culture, faith in films, screenwriting, filmmaking, directing, and acting.

The media communications major is designed to prepare students in the moving image arts for a variety of careers in television, film, and new media production, as well as media distribution and management in a rapidly evolving technological environment. The program focuses on the skills needed by producers, directors, cinematographers, videographers, sound and lighting designers, editors, animators, art directors, and writers in both fiction and non-fiction storytelling. If you have always imaged yourself as a radio, television, or movie personality, let this be your stepping stone.

Special Features

  • Take television or radio workshops
  • Work for either The Point Weekly, the student newspaper; Driftwood, the annual literary magazine; or The Mariner, the annual school yearbook
  • Compete with PLNU’s nationally-ranked forensics and speach and debate team
  • Study abroad programs in London, England or Greece
  • Produce shows on the school’s radio station KPLR-AM 620
  • Use PLNU's video production studio

Career Opportunities

  • Actor
  • Radio personality
  • Film or television director
  • Radio, film, or television producer
  • Screenwriter
  • Production designer
  • Stage manager
  • Lighting and sound producer
  • Voice-over artist