School of Theology and Christian Ministry

Why are we here? What is beauty? Is there an absolute truth?

Do the questions of the cosmos interest you? Those who wish to delve into the depths of nature and reality will be engaged and challenged by PLNU’s philosophy major.


The discipline of philosophy, the critical inquiry into the structure of reality, knowledge, and values, seeks to clarify and explicate the presuppositions and implications of various interpretations of human experience. The purposes of the philosophy major are:

  • to develop critical and creative thinking, soundness of argument, clarity of thought, and precision in expression.
  • to cultivate a critical appreciation of the enduring questions constituting the philosophical heritage.
  • to explore the relation between philosophical and religious thought.
  • to prepare students for further graduate study.

Special Features

  • Use of French, Greek, or German as required general education foreign language elective
  • Philosophy and theology concentration
  • Development of logical and critical thinking through reading complex material, analyzing problems, proposing solutions, and evaluating evidence – valued skills in any field

Career Opportunities

  • Graduate work (in philosophy or another field)
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Law