Department of Physics and Engineering

Are you fascinated by the natural world and the way it works? Discovering how and why things work has been a desire of some of the world's most brilliant thinkers, whether the topic is optics, electricity, magnetism, the properties of the solid state, atomic structure, nuclear structure, motion, relativity, space, and time.

If you want to know just what it is that makes the universe tick like it does, consider a major in the department of physics and engineering!


PLNU offers both B.A. and B.S. degrees in physics through the Department of Physics and Engineering. You'll gain an understanding of general physical and chemical properties before tackling more complex concepts like thermodynamics, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, and electromagnetism. All the while, you can look forward to receiving practical experience working closely with other students and professors in laboratories.

Special Features

  • Updated curriculum
  • Remodeled laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Work experience through program with SPAWAR
  • Summer research programs at government organizations

Career Opportunities

  • Graduate programs
  • Research and development management or administration in industrial laboratories or government agencies
  • Technical sales
  • Electronic design
  • Laser instrument research
  • Teaching