Department of Psychology

Are you the one people come to when they have a problem? Do you enjoy listening to people and taking a vested interest in their lives? If you have an interest in human behavior - how they develop, learn, feel, and think – then you’re the perfect candidate for the psychology major!


PLNU offers a psychology major and minor through its Department of Psychology. Students will learn about the history of psychology, its origins and early uses. They will develop an understanding of reason and cognitive process, learn about family development and therapy, and how it all relates to Christian moral and ethical standards. In addition, a lower division course on statistics is required.

Special Features

  • Opportunity to integrate study of psychology with the Christian faith
  • Practicum program with mental health or social service organization as a way to complement course work with real world experience
  • Opportunities for research projects with faculty members and working professionals
  • Participation in academic conferences
  • Strong preparation for graduate school

Career Opportunities

  • Graduate school
  • Mental health professional
  • Family or marriage counselor
  • Personnel or staff training
  • Teacher in primary or secondary schools, or childcare facilities
  • Professor
  • Psychological researcher