Department of Sociology and Social Work

How do relationships form and how are they fostered? How does human behavior dictate how the world works? Interaction among and between human beings is what sociology is all about. If you want to study humans and their behavior, consider a sociology major!


Sociologists seek to understand the causes, effects, rewards, and consequences that evolve out of human interaction in society. PLNU offers a sociology major through the Department of Sociology and Social Work. Students begin their lower level courses by studying general sociology, family interaction, and cultural anthropology. Upper division courses focus on more complex issues like juvenile delinquency, feminist thought, urban sociology, race and ethnicity factors, and social psychology. In addition, a minimum of six units are required in upper division courses in economics, history, political science, psychology, and social work. The sociology major also offers a criminal justice concentration.

Special Features

Career Opportunities

  • Public administration and politics
  • Business analyst
  • Hospital or adult care facility worker
  • Child welfare facility counselor
  • Drug rehabilitation facility worker
  • Nonprofit organization operator
  • Social services
  • Probation and criminal justice