Department of Theology and Christian Ministry

Are you fascinated by the history of religion and the role it has played in society? Consider a philosophy and theology major at PLNU!


PLNU offers a philosophy and theology major as part of the School of Theology and Christian Ministry. Graduate theological education today presumes broad learning across the curriculum with a concentration in a particular area. The major in philosophy and theology aims to prepare the student for graduate education by:

  • Introducing the student to philosophy and theology as intellectual disciplines.
  • Examining the student into the central documents, beliefs, and practices of the Christian faith, both historical and contemporary.
  • Providing flexibility to supplement the major with courses in complementary disciplines with the possibility of concentrated study in one area of interest.

In addition to investigating religious symbols, texts, practices, and belief systems, the study of theology examines the relationship of God to ethics, contemporary social issues, politics, history, psychology, science, literature, and the arts. It also focuses on in-depth aspects of holiness and the Christian faith.

Special Features

  • Using French, Greek, or German as required general education
  • Philosophy concentration
  • Development of critical thinking, including reading complex material, analyzing problems and propose solutions, and evaluating evidence – all of which are characteristics valued by employers in countless fields.
  • Conferences and symposiums hosted by PLNU

Career Opportunities

  • Graduate school
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Ministry
  • Public service
  • Work with a nonprofit organization