Centers & Institutes

Scholarship and research help drive calls to action. PLNU's centers and institutes are places where deep learning is coupled with practical application of knowledge. At our ten centers and institutes, students, faculty, staff, and community are encouraged to delve into learning more about current issues, practicum, and analysis.

  • Center for International Development - combines practical business knowledge with compassionate hearts to address the deepest challenges of poverty around the world. 
  • Center for Justice & Reconciliation - studies poverty and oppression and teaches Christian means of social engagement.
  • Center for Pastoral Leadership - a resource for pastors, enabling times of ministry renewal and offering opportunities for pastors learn new knowledge and skills.
  • Center for Teaching and Learning - provides valuable teaching and learning resources and training for faculty.
  • Early Childhood Learning Center - a laboratory in human relationships where children, parents, students, and teachers interact, play, work, and learn together.
  • Fermanian Business & Economic Institute - provides high quality consulting services and creative solutions for individuals, non-profit and for-profit businesses, organizations, and government agencies using a highly relational and collaborative approach.
  • Health Promotion Center - provides free health care, screenings, and information to multicultural residents of City Heights
  • Institute of Politics & Public Service - builds bridges between the campus and the worlds of politics by providing specialized leadership training and promoting quality civic life and leadership.
  • Wesleyan Center - connects tradition and today by creating and fostering Wesleyan thinking relating to aspects of life today.
  • Center for Women's Studies - brings awareness to prominent women's issues and celebrates the contributions that women have made to society.