Center for International Development

Business to serve the least of these

You're concerned about global poverty. You think handouts fail to address the root problems. You have a passion for business - but business with integrity and purpose. You want to get connected with others who share your concern and your passion. The Center for International Development (CID) at the Fermanian School of Business wants to partner with you.

At the CID, we combine practical business knowledge with compassionate hearts to address the deepest challenges of poverty around the world. The CID's mission and purpose is integrated into everything we do. We connect students to events, resources, and internships and jobs to help students find successful and fulfilling careers as alumni.

Here, you’re invited, along with organizations around the world, to support others as they seek meaningful, productive, and sustainable livelihoods. Partner with us as we seek new and better ways to serve others in need.

Learn more about us and contact us with any questions or comments. 

Watch a formal introduction to the work and purpose of the Center for International Development