At PLNU, we know that it's important to care for God's creation and be responsible stewards.

International Development Major & Minor

Interested in learning about using business to alleviate poverty through sustainable and empowering ways? Consider majoring in International Development, B.S. Business Administration and take core business classes, theories of economic development, sustainability, nonprofit, and other courses. You will have the opportunity and requirement to study abroad in a developing country. Check out some of these study abroad programs that we strongly recommend for International Development majors!

Perhaps you are majoring in a different field but want to direct your work in that field towards issues related to global poverty or disadvantaged populations. Consider complementing your major with a minor in International Development.

Nonprofit Management Major

Majors in the Management, B.S. Business Administration have a choice of concentrations in Entrepreneurship, Global Business, or Nonprofit Management. The Nonprofit concentration consists of lower and upper division business courses with a focus on sustainability, entrepreneurship, and nonprofit management.

Nonprofit Organization Management Minor

A minor in Nonprofit Organization Management is for students who wish to complement their studies in another field with background understanding of important issues in the nonprofit sector. This minor consists of introductory courses in economics and accounting, and upper-division courses in business designed to equip a student to succeed in a nonprofit organization.

Sustainability Studies Minor

The CID, along with PLNU's Center for Justice and Reconciliation and the Wesleyan Center, supports an interdisciplinary minor in Sustainability Studies.

The Sustainability Studies Minor is designed to help students develop a broad perspective on the issues and challenges of creation care and to acquire skills and tools for personally addressing those challenges. The minor consists of introductory courses in biology, sociology and/or personal and consumer financial management, along with upper-division courses drawn from sociology, theology, political science, international development, and business. The minor includes students engaging in a significant sustainability practicum or internship experience. All of the courses in this minor address sustainability issues but you get various perspectives from the different academic disciplines. Dr. Harry Watkins who teaches in the business school is the advisor for this minor.

If you have any questions or want more information about any of these majors or minors, please email us, or set up an appointment with Dr. Gailey to discuss your specific interests and options.