We believe that empowering others is always a good investment.

PLNU's active Microfinance Club focuses on issues of poverty and development both locally and globally. Club members have to opportunity to come together and learn different ways of helping combate world poverty. Along with this comes the opportunity to get involved and get off campus through various events. Past activities have included doing the $2/day challenge where participants make an effor to simulate what it looks like to live off of $2/day. Also we have done a Microfinance Bus Tour, where we go out and see what microfinance looks like first hand. This includes talking with clients and visiting/supporting their business, discussing microfinance with professionals in the area, and also visiting local microfinance offices to see what it looks like both locally and internationally.

The microfinance club is also very active on KIVA where we have lent out over $2500 supplying loans to over 50 individuals/groups. If you are interested in finding out more about KIVA check you their website. Or, if you would like to get involved or get more information feel free to contact us. 


Are you interested in microfinance? 

Are you interested in employment, internship, or volunteer opportunities?

For more information, please contact:  Josh Burgner at
or visit the Microfinance Club Blog

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