Making real connections with the developing world


Our Purpose

At the Center for International Development (CID), we aim to fulfill Jesus' call in Matthew 25 to serve "the least of these" by combining viable business solutions with a conscientious, compassionate mindset. We aim to raise awareness of our global neighbors and encourage active poverty alleviation efforts. We partner with other like-minded organizations to support people in impoverished countries who are trying to find meaningful, productive, and sustainable livelihoods.

Our Mission Statement

The CID exists to mentor students, support faculty, and engage the external community in the study and application of holistic business practices to alleviate global poverty. By offering a Wesleyan approach to cultural diversity and concern for the suffering of our global neighbors, the CID represents a tangible expression of PLNU's commitment to service as an expression of faith. 

What We Do

The CID exists to apply life-affirming business principles to the complex challenges of global poverty, and places a particular focus on areas of economic and social development. The CID is founded on the ideals of sound business principles and practices to promote economic freedom for people in poverty.

Resourcing & Mentorship:


  • The CID leads the university's research agenda at global poverty alleviation conferences and is a faculty resource for cross-cultural awareness and PLNU international possibilities across campus.
  • We support student honors research projects related to cross-cultural missions, poverty alleviation, and social enterprises.

Events & Collaborations:

  • Here, people are invited to participate in the practice of helping others. Students and community members are partnering with organizations and groups all throughout the world to impact the world positively for not only this generation but the generations to come.
  • The CID hosts a variety of events throughout the year and also encourages students to attend local and national events and conferences.