Making real connections with the developing world


Our Purpose

At the Center for International Development (CID), we aim to fulfill Jesus' call in Matthew 25 to serve "the least of these" by combining viable business solutions with a conscientious, compassionate mindset. We aim to raise awareness of our global neighbors and encourage active poverty alleviation efforts. We partner with other like-minded organizations to support people in impoverished countries who are trying to find meaningful, productive, and sustainable livelihoods.

What We Do

The CID exists to apply life-affirming business principles to the complex challenges of global poverty, and places a particular focus on areas of economic and social development. The CID is founded on the ideals of sound business principles and practices to promote economic freedom for people in poverty.

Along with applying business principles to the complex issue of global poverty and development, the CID seeks to provide a space for students of all interests to learn how their major and life goals can be applied to creating a social impact. Whether you are studying to be a nurse, scientist, artist, business person, educator, or singer the CID seeks to provide opportunites to learn and apply what your skills and goals to create a social impact and create true holistic development. 

Here, people are invited to participate in the practice of helping others. Students and community members are partnering with organizations and groups all throughout the world to impact the world positively for not only this generation but the generations to come.

Students are equipped for careers in international development through the School of Business' International Development, B.S. Business Administration and International Development Minor and through the Nonprofit Organizational Management Minor - all of which develop business mindsets and pastoral hearts.

Students are connected to internships, job opportunities, study abraod programs, and relevant conferences. They gain valuable work experience by interning for organizations such as Hope International, World Relief, Plant with Purpose, Christian Missionary Fellowship and Human Factor Leadership Academy

The CID is a valuable resource for connecting students to people, places, and organizations all over the world. With its literature library, collections of pamphlets and brochures, and current magazine issues such as The Economist, Monday Developments, and Sojourners, the Center for International Development is an ideal place for any student or faculty member to connect to the developing world.