Dr Gates

Dr. Jamie Gates

Professor of Sociology
Director, Center for Justice & Reconciliation
Co-Chair, Research and Data, San Diego Regional Human Trafficking & CSEC Advisory Council
Office: Rohr Hall, #107
Phone: (619) 849-2659

For more information, e-mail us at cjr@pointloma.edu 
Fax: (619) 849-3383

Kim Berry Jones

Program Director

For more information regarding media inquiries or development/fundraising, or to request to speak with someone more about the Center's goals, mission, and purpose, please contact Kim Jones.


Phone: (619) 246-4031

Michelle Shoemaker

Anti-Trafficking Liaison

For more information about discussing issues and topics promoted by the Center for Justice and Reconciliation with your congregation or at your church, please contact Michelle Shoemaker.


Bernadette Winter-Villaluz

Research Associate

For information regarding human trafficking research in the San Diego / Tijuana region or the Human Trafficking Research and Data Advisory Roundtable (HT-RADAR), please contact Bernadette.



Office: Rohr Hall, 113

Phone: (619) 849-3464

Becky Allein

Admissions Counselor - Beauty for Ashes Info

If you are looking for admissions information to apply for the Beauty for Ashes Scholarship, please contact Becky. The Beauty for Ashes Scholarship is for admitted students who can document that they have been victims of human trafficking.


Phone: (619) 849-2225

Patty Richardson

Center for Justice & Reconciliation Assistant


Office: Rohr Hall, 101

Phone: (619) 849-2287