Our interdisciplinary women's studies minor complements any major. You'll focus on relevant topics in political science, literature, history, nutrition, theology, and communication courses. Studying gender issues in the 17-unit minor will prepare you for graduate school or entry into professions including ministry, education, law, health care, public service, media, and business.

Click here to download the Women's Studies minor course schedule for 2012-2014.
POL 190 The Politics of Race, Class and Gender (4)*
POL 330 Development of Feminist Thought (4)

*Meets General Education requirement for "The Social World"

COM 312 Gender and Communications (3)
ECO 440 Racial and Gender Issues in Economics and Education (2)
FCS 340 Nutrition Issues for Women in Disease Prevention in Health (2)
HIS 475 Topics in Women's History: U.S. Women's History (4)
LIN 404 Language and Gender (3)
LIT 437 Women Writers (3)
NSG 446 Health of Women in a Multicultural World (3)
NSG 447 Family Violence (3)
POL 415 Women and Politics (4)
THE 310 Women in Christianity (3)

A two-unit internship supervised by the Director of Women's Studies may also count toward the nine elective units.