PLNU's School of Nursing Health Promotion Center (HPC) was begun in May 2000 with  grant of $92,639 from the Helene Fuld Health Trust, HSBC. The five congregations of the Church of the Nazarene in Mid City (Sudanese, Cambodian, Creole, Spanish-speaking, and English-speaking) invited the PLNU School of Nursing to establish the Health Promotion Center at their facility.  Nursing students from PLNU provide health information and teaching and make home visits to promote healthy lifestyles.

The HPC has evolved from a site where student nurses and faculty have provided screenings for diabetes, hypertension and tuberculosis to a site that is able to offer complete healthcare assessments, including laboratory tests and patient education.  The HPC provides a teaching/learning environment in the City Heights community of San Diego for nursing students to develop skills in culture and health while providing free health care to the medically uninsured.

A variety of funding sources over the past seven years have enabled the HPC to build out a permanent clinic area at the Church of the Nazarene at mid-City and fund medical supplies and health education materials. These sources include the Helene Fuld Health Trust: HSBC Trustee, Compassion Capital Fund, the Parker Foundation, PLNU Administration, the San Diego Revitalization Foundation and a number of generous anonymous donors.