PLNU Fellows & Scholars

Scholarly work is the heart of the mission of the Wesleyan Center, and to that end a handful of faculty members are selected each year to participate in the Wesleyan Center Scholar and Fellow program. Awards are granted based on a research project's potential to:

  • Make significant advancements in the scholarship of a given field
  • Advance Wesleyan thinking and perspectives by addressing the works of the Wesleys, engaging constructively with recognized Wesleyan theological themes, or exemplifying the Wesleyan spirit through careful exploration of interdisciplinary topics that engage traditional Christian categories and motifs
  • Demonstrate a high level of knowledge of all necessary methods and research techniques required for successful completion
  • Reach publication or presentation standing in the appropriate venue(s) within a reasonable time period
  • Achieve a degree of scholarly value among peer colleagues

The 2011-2012 Wesleyan Center Fellows and Scholars award recipients are listed below. For a complete list of past award recipients scroll to the bottom of this page. 


2012-2013 Award Recipients

Dr. Rebecca Laird

Journal Article: The Centennial of the Ordination of Rev. Olive Winchester: First Woman Ordained in Great Britain

Dr. Michael Lodahl

Book: Renewal in Love: Living Holy Lives in God's Good Creation

Dr. Bettina Pedersen

Book: Why Feminism Still Matters... for Christians

Dr. Sam Powell

Book and Journal Article: The Idea of Freedom in Christian Thought

Dr. Jim Skalman

Art Exhibition: SDSU Downtown Gallery, July to November 2012 - Desire/Artifice



Past Award Recipients

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