Dr. Carol Blessing, Fellow–Fall 1996
Paper Presented: Neither Schafly nor Steinem: The Wesleyan Women on the Nineties, Wesleyan Center Conference, 1997 

Dr. Rick Kennedy, Fellow–Fall 1996/Spring 1997
Proposed Article: Intellect and Affections in Logic and Pneumatology Textbooks by Isaac Watts, Phillip Doddridge, and John Wesley

Dr. Ron Kirkemo, Fellow–Fall 1996
Proposed Book: Grace and Peace: A Wesleyan View of World Politics

Dr. Vic Heasley and Dr. Dale Shellhamer, Fellows–Spring 1997
Research: Reaction of Trichlorophenol with Hypochlorite Ion (Ca(ocl) ) in Methanol: Analysis of Products of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Research: Synthesis of Sensitive Radical Cation Probes: A Test for Reactions Involving Initial Electron Transfer.

Dr. Gerard Reed, Scholar–Summer 1996
Book accepted for publication: Soulfood for Life’s Journey (based on Wesleyan Center Project: C. S. Lewis’ Final Call: Holiness)

Dr. Hadley Wood, Scholar–Summer 1996
Research: Truth, Being and Otherness: A Search for Texts Within and Beyond Contexts