Dr. G. L. Forward, Fellow–Fall 1997
Research: Social Support Seeking Among Clergy During Organizational Entry 

Dr. Hadley Wood, Fellow–Spring 1998
Research: The Wesleyan Word in a World of Text and Context 

Dr. Carol Blessing, Scholar–Summer 1997
Proposed Book: Reaffirming Women in the Wesleyan Tradition

Kay Harkins, Scholar–Summer 1997
Proposed Journal: Susanna: A Literary and Scholarly Journal of Wesleyan Women’s Thought 

Dr. Rick Kennedy, Scholar–Summer 1997
Proposed Book: Historians and the Testimony of Miracles 

Dr. Keith Pagan, Scholar–Summer 1997
Research: Choral Settings of Wesley Texts 

Dr. Sam Powell, Scholar–Summer 1997
Proposed Book: The Idea of the Trinity in German Philosophy and Theology

Dr. Barry Ryan, Scholar–Summer 1997
Proposed Book: Luther and Wesley on Paul’s Epistle to the Romans: Do Great Minds Really Think Alike?

Lois Wagner, Scholar–Summer 1997
Research: Wesleyanism: Implications for Response to Those Wounded by Poverty, Stigma, and Illness