Dr. Sam Powell, Fellow–Fall 1998
Proposed Book: Holiness and Community 

Dr. G. Michael Leffel, Fellow–Spring 1999
Proposed Book: Transformation of the Tragic Person: Prevenient Grace in the Culture of Psychotherapeutic Care 

Dr. Linda Beail, Scholar–1998
Research: Theorizing Gender from an Historically and Theologically Wesleyan Perspective 

Dr. Vicki Hesterman, Scholar–1998
Research: Media influence on the church and society and the responsibility of the academy: Integrating secular ethical considerations and the Wesleyan perspective

Dr. Rick Kennedy, Scholar–1998
Proposed Book: Testimony, Trust, Faith and Assent in the History of Logic

Dr. David Kerk, Scholar–1999
Research: Irreducible Complexity in Cellular Structure: An Examination of Behe’s Hypothesis 

Dr. Dean Nelson, Scholar–1998
Research: “Grace in Family Life”
Student Researcher: Lindsay Morgan