Dr. John Wright, Fellow–Fall 1999
Research: “I & II Chronicles: A Narratological Commentary” 

Dr. Anthony Avallone, Scholar–1999
Research: “A Wesleyan Paradigm for First World, Third World Relations: A Study of the Rich Man and Lazarus”
Student Researcher: Joel Thickins 

Dr. Patty Hambrick, Scholar–1999
Research: “Wesleyan Faculty Practices”
Student Researcher: John Kirkemo 

Dr. Paul Kenyon, Scholar–1999
Research: “Grace, Truth and Playing the Piano: A Musician Encounters John Wesley” 

Dr. Karl Martin, Scholar–1999
Research: “American Exceptionalism in American Religious Narratives”

Dr. Sam Powell, Scholar–1999
Research: “God’s Relation to the World in the Thought of Jurgen Moltmann and Wolfhart Pannenberg”

Dr. Gerard Reed, Scholar–1999
Research: “Vice and Virtue in C.S. Lewis” 

Dr. Diana Reynolds, Scholar–1999
Research: “Manufacturing Austria: Regional Craft Schools and Austrian Identity 1871-1918”