Dr. Gay Olivier-Lilley, Fellow–Fall 2000
Research: “Characterization of the Metal Content and Substrate Specificity of the Extracellular Alkaline Phosphatase from ‘Lysobacter enzymogenes’”

Dr. Sam Powell, Fellow–Fall 2000
Research: “God’s Relation to the World in Modern Thought”

 Dr. Philip D. Bowles, Dr. Randall King and Dr. Kathryn McConnell, Scholars–2000
Research: “Faith and Film: A Wesleyan Perspective” (A collaborative project of research and writing with a student colloquium)
Student Researcher: Bryan Baldwin

Dr. Enedina Martinez, Scholar–2000
Research: “John Wesley’s Theology of Education”
Student Researcher: Jennifer Everingham

Dr. Mike Mooring, Scholar–2000
Research: “The Behavioral Ecology of Desert Bighorn Sheep in New Mexico”
Student Researcher: Thomas Fitzpatrick 

Dr. Jerry McCant, Scholar–2000
Research: “Ministry as Strength in Weakness”

Dr. David Whitelaw, Scholar–2000
Book Contribution:  “Nazarene Centennial History Project”