Dr. Kathryn G. McConnell, Fellow—Fall 2003
Research: “Integrating Literature, Film and the Arts” 

Dr. Diana J. Reynolds, Fellow—Spring 2004
Proposed Publication: “Manufacturing Mother Austria: Arts and Crafts Reform and Austrian Identity in the age of Imperialism (1878-1918)”

Dr. Senyo Adjibolosoo, Scholar–2003
Research: “Educating for Peace in the Middle East the Human Factor Way: Tinkering with the Individual’s Map of Being” 

Dr. Dean Nelson, Scholar–2003
Research: “Living the Sacraments in the 21st Century” 

Dr. Bettina Tate Pedersen, Scholar–2003
Research: “Tracings: The Imprint of Feminism and Wesleyan Theology”

Dr. Keith G. Walker, Scholar–2003
Research: “Feasibility Study in Using Chaos Theory for Prediction and Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots”

Dr. Carl Winderl, Scholar–2003
Research: “Marian Theology and the Wesleyan Tradition”