Dr. Sam Powell, Fellow–Fall 2004
Proposed Book: Theology and Contemporary Psychology 

Dr. Carol Blessing, Scholar–2004
Proposed Book: Constructing a Wesleyan View of Women 

Dr. Richard Hill, Scholar—2004
Proposed Book: Teaching C.S. Lewis: A Handbook for College, Community, and Church 

Dr. Ron Kirkemo, Scholar—2004
Research: “Ethics and the Use of Contract Workers in Foreign Policy and National Security Activities” 

Dr. G. Michael Leffel, Scholar—2004
Proposed Book: Between Sacred Mind and Compassionate Heart: Morality, Developmental Spirituality, and the Therapeutic Process 

Dr. Michael Mooring, Scholar—2004
Research: “Reproductive Biology and Conservation of American Bison: Behavior, Hormones, and Population Genetics”

Dr. Bettina Pedersen, Scholar—2004
Proposed Book: Tracings: The Imprint of Feminism and Wesleyan Theology