Dr. Dean Nelson, Fellow—Spring 2008
Research: “Ordered Disorder (With Sudden Bursts of Revelation)”

Dr. Bill Clemmons, Scholar—2007
Research:  “Nazarene Hymnody and the Dictionary of North American Hymnody”

Dr. David Cummings, Scholar—2007
Research:  “The Coastal Wetland as a Breeding Ground for Antibiotic Resistance”

Dr. Michael Leffel, Scholar—2007
Research:  “Relational Generativity and the Moral Emotions:  Christian Spirituality in the New Science of Morality”

Dr. Alain Lescart, Scholar—2007
Research:  “Creative Ways to Overcome Censorship in France in 1827, Relationships Between Censor of Newspapers and the First Giraffe and Six Osages Indians in Paris”

Dr. Enedina Martinez, Scholar—2007
Research:  “A Christian Theology of Education:  A Wesleyan and Comenian Perspective,” in UK

Dr. Thomas E. Phillips, Scholar—2007
Research:  “Christian Non-Violence in Post 9/11 Film”

Lois Wagner, Scholar—2007
Service Project:  “Response to End of Life Issues in Romania,” with Fundatia Veritas in Sighisoara, Romania 

Dr. John Wright, Scholar—2007
Research:  “Vatican II and the Renewal of the Church Catholic:  Interviews with George Lindbeck, David Burrell, and Stanley Hauerwas on Post-Liberalism”