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Proposed Publication:  “Human Creation: Scientific Data and Theological Ramifications”

Dr. G. L. Forward, Scholar—2008
Proposed Publication:  “Memorable Messaging: How Do Religious Activities and Personal Interaction Enhance Student Spirituality”

Dr. Kerry Fulcher, Scholar—2008
Proposed Publication:  “Spiritual Lessons from Nature’s Echoes”

Dr. Brad E. Kelle, Scholar—2008
Book:  A Commentary on the Book of Ezekiel, Beacon Hill Press

Dr. Michael Lodahl, Scholar—2008
Book:  Readers of the Scriptures: The Bible and the Qur’an Side by Side, Brazos Press

Dr. Thomas E. Phillips, Scholar—2008
Book:  Acts in Diverse Frames of Reference, Mercer University Press

Dr. Galen B. Yorba-Gray, Scholar—2008
Proposed Publication:  “Augustine’s Confessions in the Temporal Nucleus of the Labyrinth of Fortune” (‘El núcleo temporal en el Laberinto de Fortuna: una óptica Agustiniana’)