Dr. Linda Beail, Scholar—2009
Proposed Book:  Results May Vary: Honest Conversations among Christian Women about Life’s Complexities

Dr. Carol Blessing, Scholar—2009
Proposed Book:  Mary Tooth: Contextualizing Women’s Ministry in Early Methodism

Dr. Victor Labenske, Fellow—Spring 2010
Proposed Book:  Sunday Morning Handbook – An Instruction Manual for Developing Church Keyboard Skills

Dr. Dean Nelson, Scholar—2009
Proposed Book:  Quantum Leap: How John Polkinghorne Ended the Faith/Science Debate

Dr. Sam Powell, Scholar—2009
Proposed Book:  A Christian View of Human Nature in Dialog with Evolutionary Psychology

Dr. Hadley Wood, Fellow—Spring 2010
Proposed Book:  Graceful Learning: A Wesleyan View of Teaching