2011-2012 Award Recipients

Dr. Linda Beail, Scholar--Summer 2011
Proposed Book: Framing Sarah Palin: Pitbulls, Puritans, and Politics

Dr. Diana Reynolds Cordileone, Fellow--Summer 2011
Proposed Publication: Learning from the Anti-Christian: Friedrich Nietzsche's Message to Followers of Jesus

Dr. David Cummings, Scholar--Summer 2011
Proposed Publication: Effects of Tropical Deforestation on Norops Lizard Behavior

Dr. Rick Kennedy, Fellow--2011
Proposed Book: John and Acts, Vol. 8 in Cotton Mather's Biblia Americana

Dr. Michael Leffel, Scholar--Summer 2011
Proposed Publication: Beyond Meaning: Integrating Morality and Spirituality

Dr. Jim Skalman, Scholar--Summer 2011
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