VII. Conclusion

The mission statement of Point Loma Nazarene University indicates that PLNU is “of Wesleyan heritage.” Our purpose in this paper has been to clarify, as clearly and concisely as possible, what we at PLNU mean by "Wesleyan heritage" or “the Wesleyan tradition.” Our primary sources have been the writings of John and Charles Wesley, the reflections of Wesleyan theologians over the past 250 years, and the history of practices within the Methodist movement. There is much more, of course, that could be said. It is our hope and expectation that this will serve as an introduction to Wesleyan thought and practice that will be expanded and expounded upon by further reading, conversation, and practice.

We affirm that, at its heart, the Wesleyan tradition is a movement within the larger Church of Jesus Christ especially emphasizing that God calls us to and empowers us for holiness of heart and life—that is, complete devotion to God and love for neighbor.