Monographs one-five are $5 each

bookThe Wise Shepherd: Biblical and Theological Perspectives for the Pastoral Task edited by Brad Kelle.

Monograph Series, Number Six: $10.00 

 A collection of essays written by faculty members of Point Loma Nazarene University exploring the ways the various academic disciplines can contribute to the pastoral task. 

 Ron Benefiel, President of Nazarene Theological Seminary, says: This is a great volume for pastors! 

Timely and much needed! The Wise Shepherd successfully integrates the challenges of pastoral ministry with the insight of specialists in the academic disciplines of theology and biblical studies. I highly recommend this volume, especially to pastors and other ministers in the Wesleyan/Holiness tradition.



Setting Your Sail: Vocation Life Stories from Wesleyan Faculty, edited by John T. Wu

Monograph Series, Number Five

"This monograph is designed to be a guide. It is less of a map than a travelogue, detailing the life stories and reflections of four faculty persons as they wrestle with the concept of vocation throughout their lives. It is my hope that…you, the reader, may be helped as you face your own important vocational questions."
Excerpt from Introduction by John T. Wu, Editor

Essays by Laura Kelley Amstead, Daniel A. Croy, Karl E. Martin, and Dione Brooks Taylor
Foreword by G. Michael Leffel and Vocational Statements by ten PLNU faculty

Endorsed by Nina Gunter, General Superintendent, Church of the Nazarene, Kansas City, MO and Jan Lanham, Professor of Psychology, Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, MA

bookAll Things Necessary to our Salvation: The Hermeneutical and Theological Implications of the Article on the Holy Scripture in the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene, by Michael Lodahl

Monograph Series, Number Four

"It is to H. Orton Wiley, more than any other, that the Church of the Nazarene is indebted for the present shape of its article of faith on Scripture. With attention to its historical development during the fundamentalist-modernist controversy, Michael Lodahl explores the different elements of that statement and delineates their theological import in All Things Necessary to Our Salvation. This careful study demonstrates how the Wesleyan principle of “the sufficiency of Scripture” differs from Reformed theology’s more rigid notion of “the inerrancy of Scripture.” From the Foreword by Stan Ingersol, Ph.D., Archives Manager, Church of the Nazarene

"Lodahl provides a fascinating discussion of the Church of the Nazarene’s understanding of the nature and function of Scripture in light of the fundamentalist pressures of the 20th century.” Ann Taves

Cover Endorsements: Ron Benefiel, President, Nazarene Theological Seminary
Ann Taves, Professor of History of Christianity and American Religion, Claremont School of Theology

bookHoliness in the 21st Century: Call, Consecration, Obedience Perfected in Love, by Sam Powell

Monograph Series, Number Three

"Some have charged that churches in the holiness tradition are quietly abandoning all mention of the doctrine and practice of holiness. This new study out of the Wesleyan Center for 21st Century Studies is a welcome sign to the contrary. Powell, a Nazarene theologian who has made significant contributions both in his church and in the broader theological community, models here the concern to reaffirm the biblical roots of the doctrine of holiness and to highlight how distinctive Wesleyan emphases like the vital role of community and the means of grace in nurturing holiness are particularly relevant to our present setting." Randy Maddox, Paul T. Walls, Professor of Wesleyan Theology, Seattle Pacific University.

bookNo Hands? by Rick Hill

Monograph Series, Number Two

"This book is the first collection of poetry published by Point Loma Press. Poetry, as a form of worship and self-expression, is a unique art. Poetry is a gift from God to humans and back again. The best poetry combines both emotions and intellect, head and heart, mind and soul. Rick Hill’s selections draw upon both our minds and spirits in challenging ways."
Excerpt from Foreword by Carol Blessing, Professor of Literature, PLNU



bookThe Evangelical Church and American Popular Culture, by Karl Martin

Monograph Series, Number One

The Wesleyan Center has released the first of a series of monographs scholarly essays written by faculty at PLNU.

Literature professor Martin asserts that, "at times, the attempts of the evangelical church to be 'relevant' can lead to it simply looking silly.... [B]y not adequately identify[ing] the changing forms of the American culture, [the church] has developed a problematic relationship with American popular culture."

Centennial Monographs

The Wesleyan Center at PLNU published three monographs in conjunction with the University's Centennial celebration. Teams of faculty members were commissioned to co-author essays based on the three phases of the Centennial celebration, Legacy... Destiny: remembering, affirming and inspiring.