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Wesleyan Center Library


The Wesleyan Center library collection contains books specifically related to the intersection of faith and academics. The collection includes categories such as Science and Theology, Women in Faith, Literature and Faith, Christianity in America, and more. 

A complete catalogue of the Wesleyan Center library can be found online

Please note that Wesleyan Center Library books are to be used in the Wesleyan Center only. If you would like to reserve a time to  use the library, please contact the Wesleyan Center assistant. Thank you.

PLNU as a Means of Grace Paper

Theological Documents

Online Articles and Resources

Ryan Library

The PLNU Ryan Library maintains both an Arminius and a Wesleyan collection. For details on how to access these collections please contact the Ryan Library

For additional external resource links, please see our External Resource Links page. 

The Wesleyan Center Resources and Links section is intended to be a helpful collection of resources for further academic research in Wesleyan thought, history and tradition. If you have any questions, or if you have information to add to this section, please let us know