Mark Mann, Wesleyan Center Director, Honors Program Director
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Beth Bollinger, Administrative Assistant to the University Academic Centers
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Mark H. Mann serves as Director for the Wesleyan Center, Point Loma Press, and the PLNU Honors Program. He brings to these tasks a passion for seeing PLNU express its Wesleyan heritage and core values in ways that are meaningful to faculty, staff, students, and the broadening community. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Eastern Nazarene College (1990), Mark went on to earn both an M.Div. (1996) and a Ph.D. in Religious and Theological Studies (2004) from Boston University. He received the Wesleyan Theological Society Outstanding Dissertation Award for Perfecting Grace: Holiness, Human Being, and the Sciences (published in 2006 by T&T Clark), which is representative of the interdisciplinary nature of both Mann’s theological outlook and the Wesleyan Center’s mission. Mann previously served at Colgate University where he was both chaplain and professor. An ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene, Mann has previous experience in editing, student development, and staff ministry at the local church level. Mark and his wife Melissa have four children: Naomi, Nathaniel, Madeleine, and Norah.



Beth Bollinger is the administrative assistant to the University Academic Centers. She holds a master’s degree in Communication Studies from San Diego State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Communication Studies, with a minor in Women’s Studies from Seattle Pacific University.  Beth is the administrator for the Wesleyan Center, the Center for Justice and Reconciliation, Center for Women’s Studies, and the Center for International Development. Beth is a Northwest native who enjoys spending her time summiting mountain peaks, wandering the aisles of REI, and consuming too much coffee.



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