Conference sessions will be held in the Family Life Center at San Diego First Church of the Nazarene, on the PLNU campus.


7 PM

Introductions: Mark Mann, Thomas Oord, Bob Brower, and Dee Kelley 

  • Worship and Communion
  • Setting up the Conversation: Thomas Oord and Mark Mann 
8:30 PMPanel: "The Promise of and Challenges for Theistic Evolution" - Mike Lodahl, Mark Quanstrom, and Burton Webb
9:30 PMBenediction



8 AMWorship, Scripture, Prayer
8:30 AMPanel: "Science and Models of Creation" - Darrel Falk, Karl Giberson, Paul Madtes, Georgia Purdom
9:30 AMTable Discussions
10:15 AMBreak
10:30 AMPanel: "Interpreting the Bible: Creation Narratives and Contemporary Science" - Bob Branson, Brad Kelle, and Jeff Stackert
11:30 AMTable Discussion
12 noonLUNCH (participants eat on campus or off-site, as they wish)
2 PMPanel: "Talking About Creation in the Academy and the Church" - Jennifer Chase, Scott Daniels, Kerry Fulcher, Phil Hamner
2:45 PMTable Discussion
3:15 PM Break
3:30 PM

Workshops and Working Groups

  • Working Groups: Science (led by Mark Winslow), Theology (led by Timothy Crutcher), and Bible (led by TBD)
  • Workshop Presenters:  Joseph Bankard, Robert Branson, Charles Carrigan, John Dally, Darrel Falk, Kerry Fulcher, Karl Giberson, Lowell Hall, Michael Lodahl, Paul Madtes, Grant Miller, Georgia Purdom, Steven Smith, Jeffrey Stackert, Burton Webb
4:30 PMBreak
4:45 PMWorkshops and Working Groups 2
5:45 PMEnd of session
6:30 PM


  • "From the Dust" video
  • Dean Nelson interviews Karl Giberson and Darrel Falk on "The Evolution Conversation in the Culture, Academy, and Church (especially the Church of the Nazarene)"


8:30 AMWorship and Scripture
9 AMPanel: "What About Design in Creation?" - Paul Madtes, Mark Mann, Mark Winslow
9:45  AMWorking Groups: Science (led by Mark Winslow), Theology (led by Tim Crutcher), and Bible (led by Robert Branson and Jeffrey Stackert)
10:45 AMBreak
11 AMReports from the Manual Working Groups
11:30 AMConcluding Remarks
12 noonDepart