Dean Nelson

Professor of Journalism Dr. Nelson knows the importance of good story-telling.

Our professor of journalism Dean Nelson, Ph.D., has been published in everything from The New York Times and USA Today to Sojourners Magazine and Christianity Today.

Dr. Nelson is also known for PLNU’s annual event, the Writer’s Symposium by the Sea. Sponsored by the Department of Literature, Journalism and Modern Languages and open to the public, well-known writers are invited for evenings of discussion with Nelson for the weeklong symposium. Past writers have included Ray Bradbury, Amy Tan, Donald Miller, Gay Talese, Philip Yancey, Anne Lamott, Kathleen Norris, and Michael Eric Dyson.

In September 2009, Brazos Press published Dr. Nelson’s book, God Hides in Plain Sight: How to See the Sacred in a Chaotic World, which explores God’s presence in everyday life through the lens of the seven sacraments of the Catholic tradition.

“My goal is to have readers of all faiths—and even no faith—see their conversations, meals, jobs, relationships, and transitions (major and minor) in a deeper and more profound way,” Dr. Nelson said. “It’s a means by which we can see that there is more going on in the details of our lives than we might think.”

His next book, Quantum Leap: how John Polkinghorne Found God in Science and Religion, is due in 2011 from Lion-Hudson Press of Oxford, England. It explores the roles of science and faith as part of the quest to experience and know God through John Polkinghorne, an Anglican priest and former president of Queens’ College at Cambridge University who helped explain the existence of quarks (the smallest known particle in the universe).

Dr. Nelson’s integration of faith and writing reflects his own convictions and challenges readers to see the world from a different perspective.