PLNU Scholar-to-Scholar

Imagine you are walking down the hallway of an academic building at PLNU and pass by the office of one of your professors. The door is ajar and you catch a bit of the conversation going on inside. She is talking to a colleague about a current issue. You stop and listen in. Two scholars, unscripted, candid, talking, debating, passionate about the important topics of life.

PLNU Scholar-to-Scholar is that conversation. Sure, we are filming. But nothing is scripted for the participants. They can agree or not. They can take the conversation wherever they want to. We do not edit out any parts of their dialogue. The conversations are prompted by a question and then we just sit back and listen in. Like you.

PLNU Scholar-to-Scholar will give you a little glimpse of the incredible academic environment PLNU fosters. Hospitable. Civil. Thoughtful. Approachable. Faithful.


Video Archives

PLNU Scholar-to-Scholar is a series of short 5-20 minute videos that we produce on a regular basis. We display the most recent video here.