Clay : Ceramic Sculpture

Thursday, September 1–30 Exhibit

Tuesday, September 13 / 5–7 pm Reception

Keller Gallery Monday–Friday / 9 am–5 pm

Presenting, "Clay," an exhibition featuring fine artists working in
ceramics. Included artists represent our local community colleges and
universities and the Allied Craftsmen of San Diego.

Steve A. Prince

Wednesday, October 5 / 9:45 am Chapel / Artist Talk

Thursday, October 6 / 7 pm Brewed Awakenings / Conversations with Jamie Gates, Ph.D.

Friday, October 7 / Classroom Visits

The Department of Art + Design and Wesleyan Center present Steve A. Prince, artist, educator and art evangelist. His mediums are printmaking, drawing and sculpture. Steve is a native of New Orleans and the crescent city's rich tradition of art, music and religion pulsate through his work. He uses the language of the line in a rhythmic and powerful way. His art is inherently narrative and metaphorically complex. He uses a rich, visual vocabulary of signs and symbols to tell stories that express his unique vision founded in hope, faith and creativity.

The Kid's Show

Fall Festival

Monday, October 17–Thursday, October 27 / Exhibit

Saturday, October 22 / 10 am–Noon Reception with prizes, cookies, and lemonade!

Keller Gallery Monday–Friday / 9 am–5 pm

Enjoy artwork by the children of PLNU's administrators, faculty and staff in a variety of mediums.

For more information email Lael Corbin at or call x2239.

David Fobes


Tuesday, November 1–Friday, December 2 / Exhibit

Tuesday, November 1 / 5–7 pm Artist Talk + Reception

Keller Gallery Monday–Friday / 9 am–5 pm

Humans. Who are we? What have we done? Where did we come from? Where are we going? This core of the human condition remains constant. We all try to make sense of our existence and our condition. Making art is one way. It's not important, it's just another way. After thirty years of making art, David is still fascinated with the painted image, the mandala, the retinal
play of color and the attempt at extreme craft. He is interested in the mundane as a starting point, the labor in the middle and the exceptional at the end. He believes art should be made with an economy of means and the extravagance of imagination.

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