The Department of Art and Design offers three majors: Visual Art, Graphic Design, and Art Education. Students in all majors take core foundation classes and then branch into upper-division courses that are specific to their areas of emphasis. All art or graphics majors compete their studies with a senior exhibition of their work in the Keller Gallery.

The academic program strives to meet professional standards with a curriculum that reflects the university's strong liberal arts orientation, emphasizing on the production of original artworks. Art and design courses are designed to develop increasing levels of technical expertise, critical thinking skills, art historical knowledge, and knowledge of current art philosophies and practices.


Visual Art
With one of the best visual art programs in San Diego, you will work under accomplished and knowledgeable professors who are showcasing their own work on a regular basis.

With a visual art major, you can get your degree in one of the following concentrations:

  • Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
  • Sculpture and Installation
  • Photography
  • Art History
  • Visual, Performance and Interactive

Graphic Design
Learn in an environment where art meets business. You will learn every aspect of graphic design from the creative to the technical, and everything in between.

With a graphic design major, you can get your degree in one of the following concentrations: 

  • Advertising
  • Art and Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Illustration

Art Education
With professors who are passionate teachers and artists, you will learn first-hand how to become a better teacher, drawing on your strengths and insights as an artist.

With an art education major, you can get your degree in one of the following concentrations:

  • Visual Art
  • Art History



PDJ Cover and Advising Sheets

Art Education Major Cover Sheet [PDF]
Art Education Major Advising Guide [PDF]

Graphic Design Major Cover Sheet [PDF]
Graphic Design Major Advising Guide [PDF]

Visual Art Cover Sheet [PDF]
Visual Art Advising Guide [PDF]

Extra-curricular programs
Also enriching the educational experience are many extra-curricular programs such as the visiting artist lecture series, the Keller Gallery program, field trips, study abroad programs, internships, and memberships in professional organizations.

PC or Mac?
If  you're going to be an art or design major, it's a good idea to buy a Mac rather than a PC. The creative industry leans toward Macs, and all of our design courses are taught on Macs. If you already have a PC laptop, have no fear. You'll find that you'll use your laptop mostly for papers, research and homework for a variety of courses. You won't begin Mac-based design courses until your sophomore year.  If you're looking for a laptop, buy the best machine you can afford.  

If you have the choice, buy a Mac laptop. Many of our students choose to buy a professional grade computer in their senior year. This gives them the advantage of having their own computer while working on their senior portfolio projects and projects after graduation.

We also have a well-outfitted lab with all the latest software and extended hours during the semester. Most of our students do their homework and projects in the Mac Lab, and most find it's a fun place to hang out with their friends while working on their projects. If you plan on using only the Mac Lab, you don't have to worry about owning a Mac or the software.