Each year the Department of Art and Design awards several thousands of dollars in scholarship money to existing students. These funds are divided among all class levels and areas of emphasis.  Awards are based on the quality of the applicant's artwork, faculty approval, and academic performance. Scholarship applications are due in March and awards are announced sometime in April.  The art department will notify students of deadlines by e-mail, class announcements, and fliers as they arise.

Currently, the art department does not award incoming freshmen or incoming transfers scholarship money.  And while it isn't a requirement for entry into the art department, we will accept portfolios from incoming students if your application to the university needs a second look.

To submit a portfolio:

Create a free Behance site with your name. 

1. Go to Behance.  Create a new account with your first and last name.

2. Create a password for yourself. 

3. Make jpegs you can upload by:  scan, photograph (or use electronic files). 

4. Load your jpegs to Behance.  Submit up to ten digitally formatted  jpeg images.

 5. Each image must have some sort of visible identification, including your name, date completed, title, medium, and dimensions.  


*Scholarship application forms, exact deadlines and instructions are available by contacting the art department office at (619) 849-2396.