“I think the Art Department is a very tight-knit group of students and the professors are very involved which makes it feel like a community. Right now, I'm looking at some really great San Diego gallery internships and ways to further my art and design interests.”  
Lindsay Preston

“The advice and support I received as a freshman has helped sustain me through my four years here.  I've had fun, learned a lot and am now graduating with the skills I need to get a great job and succeed at it.”
Veronica Irizarry

“As a transfer student I've really enjoyed the friendly teachers and personal time everyone has given me. Now, I'm a department lab assistant and getting a lot of hands-on experience while learning so much at the same time.”
Matt Callahan

“Out of my experience here I've found the friends that I want to have for the rest of my life. The Art Department feels like family to me and I'm leaving with a lot of resources and experience.”
Wes Bruce

“The professors here are incredibly personal and skilled in their areas of expertise. I've learned every aspect of graphic design from the creative side to technical aspects and everything in between. I feel like I'll be fully prepared when I look for a job in the design world.”
James Abbott

“The greatest thing about our art department is that not only are the professors great teachers but they are great artists as well and are passionate about making and teaching art.”
Jenna Morrow

“Absolutely be an art major because there are tons of opportunities as an artist to grow into someone that can actually live their passion.”
Matt Mahoney

“Being here helps me to be creative and open-minded to art. The teachers make that really easy. The other students here are like family and we have a really great time together.”
Scott Lingner

“It's not the Tilt-A-Whirl, but it's still a whole lotta fun!”
Zach Hodgson