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PLNU offers a unique and forward-thinking approach to graduate biology education. Whether you're teaching or working in another profession and aspire to teach you can increase your scientific knowledge and improve your teaching skills. Not only that, but PLNU offers California's only master's degree in general biology designed for working professionals.

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Master of Science in Biology without Thesis - Have the flexibility of more electives, including additional biology coursework, research internships, and summer workshops or seminar series. Customize your degree to fit your needs and interests. This option is valuable for students looking to move up into further education in biology or related fields.

Master of Science in Biology with Thesis - Research in biology education will play a large role in your studies. This choice requires original research and a thesis on some aspect of teaching and learning in biology. This is a valuable option for Independent students and good writers.

Find a Meaningful Internship 

Intern with an organization that can help you reach your career goals. We can help by connecting you with community colleges, museums, research institutes, biotechnical companies, and more.

Keep Your Job

Don’t give up your job to earn your degree – ours is one designed with busy professionals in mind.  During the school year, take mostly online courses with monthly face-to-face meetings.  During the summer, face-to-face lecture and lab courses take place on PLNU's ocean-view campus, the perfect place for biology students to appreciate the study of life. 

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Important Dates

Summer Class Dates:

June 20 - July 8, 2016: Physiology of Plants & Animals
July 11 - July 28, 2016: Marine Biology

  • Priority Application Deadline: May 20  for the summer 2016 semester.
  • Priority Application Deadline: July 29 for the fall 2016 semester.

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Director, Master's Program in Biology
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Perspectives on Science

Perspectives on Science is a monthly seminar series for science teachers. The seminar typically focuses on recent developments in the guest scientist’s area of expertise, with particular emphasis on those aspects that are of greatest interest and significance to science teachers.