Teaching Resources - Snake Activities

These activities were developed by Ron Michelotti as part of his thesis work. They are intended for high school biology courses, ranging from college prep to Advanced Placement, and can be used to deepen students' understanding of genetics by immersing them in the world of snake breeding. The "real world" context of the snake breeding profession serves to connect genetics-related concepts such as:  meiosis, Mendelian genetics, inheritance patterns, molecular genetics, DNA technology, bioethics, ecology, and evolution.

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The activities include:

  • Activity 1- Snakes on Parade!
  • Activity 2- Tangling with Meiosis
  • Activity 3- Why Morphs?
  • Activity 4- Dominance!
  • Activity 5- Range of Dominance
  • Activity 6- Multiplicity
  • Activity 7- Let’s get down to business!
  • Activity 8- Animal Rights
  • Activity 9- W, X ...Y and Z
  • Activity 10- Generational Genetics
  • Activity 11- Protein Manufacturing
  • Activity 12- Why so many albinos?
  • Activity 13- “Parthenogenesis” in the News
  •  Activity 14- Snakes in the Glades