1995     Impala tick challenge (Anim Behav)

1995     Distraction from vigilance (Anim Behav)

1995     Patch sampling (Exp Appl Acarol)

1995     Tick challenge impala grooming (Anim Behav)

bellow5.jpg1996     Impala oral grooming (Physiol Behav)

1996     Impala oxpecker interactions (Afr J Ecol)

1996     Impala sex breeding (BES)

1996     Oxpeckers (Afr J Ecol)

1997     Impala mothers lambs (Anim Behav)

1998     Elk grooming (Can J Zool)

1998     Goat castration (Physiol Behav)

1998     Moose grooming (Anim Behav)

1998     Tick defense in bison (Behaviour)

Fight_3.JPG1999     Moose hair loss (Can J Zool)

2000    Harder they groom (Anim Behav)

2002     Sexually dimorphic grooming (Ethology)

2003     Bighorn Insect-defense (SWN)

2003     Bighorn Sexual Segregation (Behaviour)

2004     Allee Effect (JWM)

2004     Bison Androgens Cover (Horm Behav)

2004     Bison Androgens Reprint (Hormones Behav)

2004     Grooming Evolution (J Linnean Soc)

2005     Bison sexual segregation reprint (Behaviour)

2006     Bighorn parasite ghost (Behav Ecol)

2006     Bison Glucocorticoids (Horm Behav)

2006     Bison grooming reprint (Anim Behav)

2007     Insect-repelling in bovids (Biol J Linn Soc)

2008     Amplitude of bison bellows (Anim Behav)

2012     Acoustic cues to size and quality in the vocalizations of male North American bison (Anim Behav)

2014     Relaxed selection for tick-defense grooming in Père David’s deer? (Bio Conserv)

2014     Behavioral Versus Genetic Measures of Fitness in Bison Bulls (Jrnl Mammalogy)

                           Supplemental Material S1

                           Supplemental Material S2-S8