Science Education Programs

Perspectives on Science

Perspectives on Science is a monthly seminar series for science teachers. The seminar typically focuses on recent developments in the guest scientist’s area of expertise, with particular emphasis on those aspects that are of greatest interest and significance to science teachers. 

Research Associates 

Research Associates is an auxiliary of the Point Loma Nazarene University Alumni Association.  Its 260 members are alumni and friends of the Biology and Chemistry Departments of Point Loma. The purpose of Research Associates is to contribute to the professional development and success of the students and faculty, particularly in the area of undergraduate research.

Science Honors' Weekend

Science Honors' Weekend (SHW) is a yearly weekend for incoming biology, chemistry, environmental science, physics, engineering, mathematics and computer sciences' students that qualify, based on GPA and SAT/ACT scores. 

University NOW

University NOW is a biology and writing course offered to local underprivileged high school students. The goals of the program are to help students envisage themselves as college students, and to get a head start on university-level material.

WCBSURC, West Coast Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference

The West Coast Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research (WCBSUR) Conference is among the oldest, intercollegiate Conferences of its kind in the nation. The purposes of the Conference are: 1) to provide a forum for undergraduate researchers to present original data they have generated in the fields of biology and biochemistry; and 2) to foster intercollegiate interactions among students and faculty who share a commitment to undergraduate research in the biological sciences.

Dr. Francis Collins-Visited PLNU April 11, 2008

On April 11th, 2008, Dr. Collins engaged the San Diego community with the topic, “The Language of God: A Believer Looks at the Human Genome.”