NOWEric (U NOW in '11-12; Point Loma High School)

If I had to sum up my experience at University Now in a few words I would say life changing. This program allowed me and many other low income first generation college students attend university courses on the PLNU campus as juniors and seniors in high school. We were given a taste of the college life, workload, and community offered at PLNU. Many of us who attended the program would have never been able to take a college class at that age if it wasn’t for the UNow program. One of the great things of the program is that PLNU offers transportation and classes at no cost to the students. 

The Courses PLNU offered where both rigorous and entertaining. This program prepared me for college and helped me build relationships with the students enrolled and the professors that taught the courses. I initially went into the program with the intent to get free college credit and prepare for college but instead I built great relationships with my friends and found a passion for biology.

I now attend PLNU as a first year Biology major and am loving the community and the classes. UNow was a big influential factor when I was deciding what university to attend. I attended PLNU not because it was familiar and I feared venturing out to the unknown. I picked PLNU because I liked the way the teachers taught, the community PLNU and the amazing view.

Words can’t express how thankful I am for the UNow program and all the professors who made it possible for me to attend PLNU as a junior. Attending college for me was always a dream that seemed unattainable but my dream came true when I walked amongst the PLNU students. I know I can speak on behalf of everyone and say that UNow is one of the greatest experiences in our lives that has influenced our future in many different ways.

UnowTeresa (U NOW in ’06-07; Point Loma High School)

University Now has been the most meaningful activity I have ever participated in. It has given me all the skills I need to succeed as a college student. It has prepared me to know what to expect from a college course. University Now has made me a different person. I acknowledge every step I take, because now I know I can go to a four year university. As I learn, I also have a chance to relate myself to other young high school students from different schools and cultures. It has made me realize that my goals and dreams are not impossible. I just have to be determined to reach a better future. This program has allowed me to reach goals that I never thought possible.

University Now was composed of Biology, Writing, Lab, and Tutoring. It also gave me the opportunity to go on a retreat to Julian for a weekend, with helped me realize that all my peers there had the same aspirations in life. That weekend helped us become closer to each other. I also did some crazy, but memorable things. The professors at University Now were so pleasant and we all enjoy class. One of the things I liked most was that our tutors were students attending this University and they always did the best at lending a hand when we needed it. The knowledge and experience I take from this opportunity was amazing, I never thought something like this would change my perspective towards attending a four year college.

Carl (U NOW in ’05-06; Sweetwater High School)

“Looking Back”: I am currently attending University of California, Irvine as a Biological Science Major. As a former student in the University Now Program I should say that I had so much fun learning in a college university atmosphere and also making new friends. Being part of the first group of students to represent Sweetwater High School at Point Loma Univ. was such an honor I have gained so much experience as far as what to expect in college, the type of work, test taking, study habits and etc. Joining the program was very beneficial to me because since I am a Bio major, the class that I took at PLNU provided me with the basic knowledge of Biology. Also the writing class helped me when I was still in high school and now in college, because the class introduced me to creative writing. The class certainly helped me out a lot in school then and now, but the program also had events that were very memorable for example the retreat, experiment by the beach, and the award ceremonies. I will never forget the memories and the friends I made during the program.

Karl (U NOW in ’06-07; Sweetwater High School)

The University NOW program really helped me prepare for the rigorous academic curriculum of a four-year university. It covers and teaches us the skills we need to survive in college: writing skills, study habits, and a hands-on experience of a real college class. Also, this class fulfilled some of our general education requirements (GED for college), giving us an advantage over other students academically. The University NOW program is a very important program.

Melinda (U NOW in ’05-06; Sweetwater High School)

University now really got me ready for college. I didn't know what to expect heading into college being so used to the high school life. University Now together with my high school courses made my junior year really busy. I had to plan and schedule time for everything; where I was going to study, what classes I needed to study for, will I be able to work, when I would be available to spend time with friends, etc. My schedule even had me regulate the time I went to sleep and affected my decisions on what to eat because I was so concerned in eating healthy so I would have energy for the rest of the day.

Now that I am attending UCSD, I use my experience from junior year to help me get through each and every day of my, now even busier, college life. The fast paced lectures and quick hustle settings of UCSD go beyond the slow jog of high school.

Just being exposed to "college life" gave me so much insight and experience that I am prepared for my never-ending schedule and daily activities.

University Now just didn't help me in my scheduling and organizing my social and academic life. My world of academia was further expanded when I stepped into the lecture rooms of Point Loma Nazarene University. I am not exaggerating. The lectures and topics discussed in those lectures expanded my views in science in terms of where science was applied and just exactly how it was applied. I also realized the collaboration of English and Biology, how they go hand in hand. I began to think about bioengineering, biochemistry, and other fields that I could study and base a career.

Everyone knows how competitive the schools are and I'm happy to say I am one of those competitors and not someone who’s afraid to sit close to the professor in a class with 300 students. The professors I studied under at PLNU encouraged us to voice our opinions and answer every question confidently, without hesitation. I became comfortable talking with college professors and not be so intimidated. I say this now because in a class of 300 or more, the fear of being wrong holds students back from participating or asking questions. The subjects we studied gave me an understanding of how clear and concise each paper and each answer has to be in order to get full credit and earn the grade you deserve. The writing and rhetoric skills I learned gives me an edge in class and grants me high scores on my papers. The biology class gave me skills so that I understand the applications and importance of chemistry in the biological industries and industrial markets. My major is biochemistry and these skills I learned are so helpful.

The program is really beneficial. The program helps with academic development, organization skills and provides the students with a competitive edge in their classes.