Environmental Science - B.S.

Why the Environmental Science B.S. Major?

The Environmental Science major addresses the very serious need in our world today to train faithful Christians to work for the healing and restoration of the creation, both land and people.  To prepare students for environmental science careers, we offer an inter-departmental major in Environmental Science.  The foundation of the curriculum is science courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics.  In addition to these required courses, students have a choice of electives in political science, sociology, economics, and philosophy, which may be fulfilled either on-campus or as part of an approved off-campus environmental program.  A requirement of 8 units from off-campus programs is built into this major.  By requiring an off-campus field experience (either a semester abroad or summer field courses at Au Sable's North American campuses), students can take advantage of many specialized courses that we cannot offer at PLNU.

Biology B.S. Major Course Descriptions

Environmental Science B.S. Major Catalog Requirements

Requirements for Environmental Science B.S. Major (Worksheet)

Options for the Off-Campus Field Experience:

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies (http://ausable.org/)

QERC Program (http://www.qerc.org/)

Creation Care Study Program (http://www.creationcsp.org)

The School for Field Studies (http://www.fieldstudies.org/)

Careers in Environmental Science:



Environmental Analysis

Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Education

Environmental Planning

Resource Management

Wildlife Biology