Each summer, PLNU students get opportunities to study fascinating subjects in compelling settings. 

In addition to opportunities to study locally in San Diego, students have joined with professor to study Bison in Nebraska and mammals in the Costa Rican cloud forest.

Undergraduate research at PLNU began in the mid 1970s through the efforts of Dr. Kenneth Hyde. Dr. Hyde directed PLNU undergraduates in two different areas of research: 1) the effects of insecticides on the vertebrate nervous system; and 2) field biology studies involving bird populations on San Clemente Island and in various mainland marshes in San Diego County. 

History of Biology's Summer Research Program

2017 Summer Research Application - sorry, the deadline was 12/1/16

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Kyoto Prize Symposium

PLNU Co-hosts the Kyoto Prize Symposium.  View photos of the Inamori Scholars and other students who participated in the Kyoto Prize Symposium events on campus.

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