Department of Chemistry

Learn by discovery

Undergraduate research has, and continues to be, the hallmark of the Department of Chemistry. That's why at PLNU, you will learn to think like a scientist as you tackle your own research projects. Because your goal as a chemist will be to study and manipulate matter at the molecular level, you will learn how to use theory and experimentation to understand the physical and biological world.

Our department has a strong, 40-year reputation of quality teaching and research. Here, small class sizes and deliberate faculty mentoring provide students with the knowledge and confidence to pursue their career goals.

Campaign for the Sciences

The Campaign for the Sciences will provide our campus community with a much-needed new facility that better reflects the quality of our faculty and students. Since the 1970s, we have done much with less. We have developed exceptional science programs using outdated and overcrowded facilities.

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Pre-Health Program

The Pre-Health program at PLNU is recognized for its success in preparing students for medical school (Allopathic Medicine (MD), Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Dentistry (DDS/DMD), Veterinary Medicine (DVM), Pharmacy (PharmD), and Optometry (OD)).  Learn more about the Pre-Health program.


PLNU is committed to continuous and transparent alignment of our curriculum with the highest national standards. Learn about assessment.